Schulereignisse 13/14 Schitage 3. Klassen

Schitage 3. Klassen


Stay cool - be safe!

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Schitage der 3. KLassen


Bericht der Bergrettung Neukirchen am Grv. und der Alpinen Einsatzgruppe Zell am See

Am 29.01.2014 wurde von der Ortsstelle Neukirchen am Grv. in Zusammenarbeit mit der Alpinpolizei, den Bergführern Oberpinzgau und der Wildkogelbahnen AG für die 3 Klasse der Hauptschule Neukirchen am Grv. der von der Bergrettung Salzburg und der Alpinpolizei initiierte Sicherheitstag „Be Cool, Stay Safe“ veranstaltet. An der Veranstaltung nahmen insgesamt 48 Schüler und 5 Lehrer teil.
Am Vormittag wurde unter der hervorragenden Bewirtung durch Rene STEIXNER und seinem Team in der Gaststube des Bergrestaurants Wildkogel ein Theorieunterricht mit einer Power Point Präsentation durchgeführt. Nach der Mittagspause wurde auf vier Stationen die gehörte Theorie in die Praxis umgesetzt.
Das herrliche Wetter und die tollen, tief winterlichen Verhältnisse ließen die Veranstaltung gelingen. Die Schüler und Lehrerschaft bedankten sich herzlichst für die Veranstaltung und die erhaltenen T-Shirts und Erste Hilfe Pakete.

Die Veranstaltung wurde durchgeführt von:

• Andreas SCHLICK, Alpinpolizei, Bergrettung Neukirchen und Bergführer

• Daniel BREUER, Bergrettung Neukirchen und Bergführer

• Hans Peter BREUER, Bergrettung Neukirchen und Bergführer

• Bernhard EGGER, Bergrettung Neukirchen und Bergführer

• Kathrin KRAHBICHLER, Alpinpolizei und Bergrettung Krimml

Auch wir bedanken uns nochmals bei den Sponsoren, ohne deren Unterstützung die Veranstaltung nicht zu Stande gekommen wäre.


Weitere Bilder vom "Ausflug" nach Kitzbühel



We, the third grades of Hauptschule Neukirchen, spent a week of skiing and fun in our beautiful mountain area.




On Monday we took the bus to the Zillertalarena. When we arrived there we made five groups. Two groups for the advanced skiers, two intermediate groups and one for those who wanted it a bit slower. Then we went skiing with our groups in really foggy weather. At half past eleven a.m. we had our lunch at Filzstein and it tasted very, very well! After an hour of rest we went skiing again and then we skied to Königsleiten in spite of the bad weather. It was lots of fun in Königsleiten but also in the Zillertalarena !! At half past two p.m. we rode the bus home. We thought that it had been a very good start into the week.

Katharina & Linda



On Tuesday at 8:20 a.m. our bus went from Neukirchen to Wald and Krimml. More and more kids came into the bus. A new skiing day began. On Monday the skies had stayed at the Sonnwendkopfbahn. So we picked them up there and went up in the gondola (cabin). We skied in Königsleiten but on that day even more in Gerlos. We had a good snow. The advanced and the intermediate groups skied in the deep snow most of the time while the moderate group was skiing on the slope. The groups A and B had their lunch in the Arena Center in Gerlos. The group C ate in another restaurant. After lunch the groups skied back to Königsleiten. We spent our time until 3 p.m., then we went back to the valley station and met all other groups. We talked about the next day and then we went back home by bus. All in all it had been a beautiful skiing day.

Hannah & Magdalena


When we arrived by bus it was already half past eight. Before we rode the gondola to Königsleiten we picked up our skis at the mountain station. The weather was nice but very windy. We skied a lot and it was a day full of fun. In the lunch break we ate in the Arena Center. We met a funny waiter and called him “come on”. After we took photos with him we left the restaurant and rode down the slopes again. When we arrived at the bus stop we were all really tired. Then we drove home. It was a very exciting day!



On Wednesday we went up the Wildkogel. On that day we took part a project called „Be cool stay safe“. We spent the morning in the mountain restaurant where five mountain guides told us about the rules on the mountain and how and where to ski. After the presentation we had our lunch. Then we went to the first station where we learned about avalanches. At the second station we learned how to help hurt people. After that we skied to Andi’s station. At his station we learned how to use an avalanche probe. Before the last station started one girl of our group had an accident and she broke her left hand. That wasn’t nice. But all in all it was an interesting day.

Veronika & Lisa


At 8:30 a.m. we met in Neukirchen at the Talstation Wildkogel and went up with the gondola. At the top we went into the restaurant. A few men and a woman from the mountain rescue service waited there for us and they gave us a lecture about avalnches and means of rescue. After the presentation we got a present: and orange T-shirt and a first-help-bag. Later after the lecture we had lunch for about half an hour because we didn’t have so much time, so we had to eat really fast. After that we went outside and did some difficult exercises about danger in winter. I think it wasn’t so funny because we couldn’t ski on that sunny day, which was very boring. But at least we did two runs and the last run down to the resort. At home I was very tired but I was also looking forward to the next day!

Anna-& Miriam



Thursday was the best day of the week because we went to Kitzbühel with skies. At first, we rode the train to Hollersbach. Then we went up with the Panoramabahn. We had to ski with some different skilifts. At the 3S Gondel we had to wait for our teacher. The Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm course was the coolest. It is definitely the fastest and most dangerous course of the world. After enjoying that we ate at Mc Donald’s in Kitzbühel. We went up again with the gondola of Günter Mader, a famous Austria skier. We went right back to Hollersbach and took the train homewards. It was a cool day.



On Thursday we took train to Hollersbach. There we went by gondola to the Kitzbühler Mountains. Our final destination was McDonalds in the city. Then we started to skiing. It took us three hours to arrive at the “Streif” in Kitzbühl. We stopped there at the start of the famous downhill race and looked around. After that we went to have lunch at McDonalds, ate there and went back to the mountains. We were fast so this time we reached the bottom station in Hollersbach in only two hours. After this adventure we took the train home. We were really very tired.

Nadia, Sarah



Friday was our last day and shortest day. We started in the morning and the day ended in the early afternoon. First of all, we met our teachers and schoolmates at the valley station. The teachers counted the number of group members. After a bit of skiing many students jumped over ski jumps and drove on powder snow, we had much fun. Nobody got lost or hurt, so we think it was a beautiful day with the school on the ski runs in and around Neukirchen!

Robin & Petra


On Friday we were skiing on Wildkogel. We went uphill in the gondola. Ten minutes later we were on top. We started to ski with our group leader Miss Fink. In my group were Elena, Magdalena, Elisabeth, Verena and Kathrina. Denise wasn't here. In the beginning we skied to the Gazerlift. Then we took the slopes to the middle station four times. We went also to the Pfeifferlift, Frühmesser and Gensbichllift. At eleven o'clock we went to the mountain restaurant to eaten but it wasn't very funny. So many foreign skiers were too there and some weren't really friendly to us. So we went skiing again. That day ended at 1:30 pm already.