Schulereignisse 10/11 English Champ

English Champion 2011


Goller Fabian vertrat die Farben der HS Neukirchen erfolgreich beim English Champion Bewerb in Saalfelden. Er belegte den hervorragenden 4. Platz unter 14 Teilnehmern. 

Gefragt waren: Konversation und Freies Reden in der Fremdsprache Englisch über: daily life, English food, London sights, famous English people, geography and history of England and Great Britain, English manners, English songs and hits, English sport, ...


The English competition was a really very interesting experience for me. At first I was very nervous, but when it went  on I was right on the ball. I managed to do the introductory round really well. And I could master all the other rounds as well but not always perfect. I liked the round best where we had to shoot darts. This event was perfectly organized. To participate in this competition was by all means the right decision for me. I would like to thank my English teacher Andrea Kirchner for her support.
Fabian Goller